The Bold Standard

Open the doors to this Spanish-inspired hacienda and any thoughts of conventionality are immediately erased. The manse offers the perfect backdrop to a Hollywood movie scene, complete with a manicured lawn flanked by rows of perfectly trimmed palm trees and a ubiquitous view of the serene Hill Country. Step inside and the entrance foyer oozing with style and sophistication brings the home from cookie-cutter to beyond cool in daring pops of color.

When the quiet, yet majestic estate in San Antonio’s private community of The Dominion hit the market over a year ago, a family of seven leapt at the opportunity. Perfect for summer and holiday getaways, the retreat would become everything they were looking for – glamorous city chic at a Texan address. Upon first glance, the owners knew just who to call to complete their new pad’s transformation.

Enter Casey Roy, the Managing Director of Design at Baxter Design Group with an impeccable sense of style and passion for fearless flair. Since joining the San Antonio-based interior design firm five years ago, Roy has extended signature swank to many a high-end residential home, and clients keep coming back for more. Ask her to define an ideal space and she’ll proudly declare, “classic with a pop of surprise here and there.” Her favorite interiors are those filled with “bold colors and vivid contrasts that translate into spaces full of personality and high style.”

That is, after all, why the new homeowners selected Roy and designers Courtney Balsam and Allison Siedler to inject a dose of drama into their second home. The subsequent impact of the client/designer relationship is obvious as soon as one enters the space. Around each corner, a colorful array of new and found objects dot each room where bold palettes and subtle textures coexist with sleek furniture and million-dollar views. A common pedigree throughout the sun-drenched space are the one-of-a-kind rugs that scream, “The party’s in here.”

Yet, for a family home, it doesn’t seem predictable. The house lends itself as a haven for luxe entertaining with five over-sized bedrooms, proving that one’s house shouldn’t sacrifice décor in favor of child’s play. “These clients are very fashion-forward,” divulges Roy. “The home was truly designed for their busy lifestyle and complements each person’s bold personality.”

After consulting with the homeowners, Roy felt confident that their summer and winter getaway would dazzle just as strongly as its breathtaking view. “They wanted something fun and energetic where they could entertain but also relax as a family,” muses Roy. By combining the fundamentals of comfort, fashion, and her design team’s innate ability to pull together the right resources, Roy conceptualized an interactive and engaging ambiance on an attainable budget. “Anything with clean, contemporary lines appealed to them, and we avoided anything that looked too stuffy or ‘put in its place,’” says Roy.

The design team began by enlarging the bedrooms and repainting every surface. Lighting fixtures were updated and the lofty fireplace that once protruded from the middle of the living room was removed to amplify the spacious family area. They then searched for a statement piece to serve as the focal point for each room. In her words, “A little bit of something great goes a long way. Determine the one aspect of the room that you want to feature and don’t crowd it.” If Casey Roy has her way, those pieces are bright and youthful, with a nod to fashion.

Indeed, the vibrant retreat is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces—a mixture of eclectic objects either custom-made or from local boutiques. In the soul of the home, the boldest scheme comes to life through a wall-to-wall walnut bookcase housing a plethora of neon-colored trinkets and patterned pillows. Around the corner, the breakfast room takes a walk on the wild side with a zebra-inspired Diane Von Furstenberg rug and coral red centerpiece, while the dining room-turned study casts a warm, inviting glow with surprising accents here and there of lime green.

“In an interior or exterior environment, I really want to be moved and to feel the emotions and spirit of the space at hand,” says Roy. When exploring the home, one notices the characteristics of each family members’ personality. The twins’ domain is “pink, white and to-die for cute,” while the master suite in serene, rich décor is a prime spot for entertaining at a moment’s notice.

Debbie Baxter, President and CEO of Baxter Design Group, puts it best, “Casey has tremendous energy, a contagious work ethic, and she is brutally bright.” However glamorous the bright colors, custom headboards, and art pieces were, the designer’s biggest accomplishment was creating an inviting family atmosphere that is now as large in style as it is in stature.